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Hovering above and connected to the poorly drawn aesthetic is a personal examination of how we/I continually change and un-swap our dominate perception techniques. Moving from religion to actual estate, from chemistry to capitalism, triggering corrected poetry, jittering creatures. Currently he professes Net Art and Electronic Literature at Australia’s Queensland College of Art inside Griffith University in Brisbane. The Poetry Robot doesn’t perceive or, dare I say, even care about gallery visitors watching/reading the textual wonders it shines up from LCDs. The artwork itself was a mix of poetic content material impressed by the historical past of the Silicone Valley and a rethinking of the roles of quite a few “turning level” applied sciences such as the mouse and the first transportable PCs. The artwork was praised by both the inventor of the mouse and Moore of Moore’s law who have been at the opening.

Interactive poetry cubes allowing multi-linear/dimensional play and reconfiguration. One potential reading is as three-dimensional concrete poetry sculpture generator. Furthermore, every of the rows and columns may be moved to further recreate the position and graphical nature of the poem. Each of the edges of the poem are colour coded to offer the reader a reference level for the preliminary configuration of the interface, so adjustments become more obvious. Hidden secrets and interactive layers are packaged by our obsessions with objects and their horrible darkish betweens. Between Treacherous Objects explores the area between varied contemporary objects/concepts. For example, between the Refrigerator and the Death Bed is a heavy traces and gradual area, the place consuming can fill your world, ending it as well.

Using the modified code of a menu-sub-menu, I am experimenting with a poem inside a poem within a poem. The 4th Search is an interactive quiz based mostly fiction exploring viral strategies for spreading and interacting with audiences. After being tweeted by Neil Gaiman, the 4th search had over 25,000 respondants to this fiction in quiz kind.

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There are twelve ranges, each taking part in with the depth of the display, allowing the consumer to maneuver out and in and across the floating space. Using a high down, platform engine EoEE is a game pushed digital poem exploring numerous historical and contemporary texts. Each degree’s poetic content is constructed from the doc’s sub-sub texts and curious penalties. Multimedia and interface elements usually are not just navigational vacation lights to pretty up the place, they add/change/broaden the art work. Within this work, I designed a responsive creatures as each enjoyable to play and allow the reader to jump between texts, to read in their own ordering, to non-linearly discover the inherently non-linear nature of poetry. Layering is also of prime importance, as creating a way of thematic and visible depth, embeds the poetry in a bigger world, a more complicated poetic.

digital technology

Businesses flourish preparing companies for the day when half their workforce dies, and hundreds of thousands of chickens are burned in viral destroying blazes. With photograhs of abandoned industrial and institutional buildings as backgrounds, this artwork makes use of interactive spaces to discover our obsessions with microscopic species killers. The Cube permits customers/poets to enter a sixteen line poem, with these strains automatically placed throughout the multi-layered sections. Use the buttons to move in and out, recombining the poems by turning the Cube upwards, downwards and inwards. I would like to wax romantic about how all creations are essential, both inside a historic context or as a result of they hold collectively as digital poems regardless of their shortcomings. Multi-degree menus as poetry generator, for when traces department and branch. When writing a poem, often any line might generate out new directions, intersecting poems, branching prospects.