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Dr Jason Nelson: Interactive Artist

There are twelve levels, every taking part in with the depth of the screen, allowing the consumer to move in and out and across the floating house. Using a high down, platform engine EoEE is a recreation pushed digital poem exploring various historical and up to date texts. Each stage’s poetic content is constructed from the document’s sub-sub texts and curious consequences. Multimedia and interface elements are not simply navigational vacation lights to fairly up the place, they add/change/increase the paintings. Within this work, I designed a responsive creatures as both enjoyable to play and permit the reader to jump between texts, to read in their own ordering, to non-linearly explore the inherently non-linear nature of poetry. Layering can be of prime importance, as creating a sense of thematic and visible depth, embeds the poetry in a bigger world, a extra complex poetic.

digital technology

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Interactive poetry cubes permitting multi-linear/dimensional play and reconfiguration. One possible studying is as third-dimensional concrete poetry sculpture generator. Furthermore, each of the rows and columns may be moved to further recreate the placement and graphical nature of the poem. Each of the perimeters of the poem are colour coded to give the reader a reference level for the preliminary configuration of the interface, so adjustments become extra apparent. Hidden secrets and techniques and interactive layers are packaged by our obsessions with objects and their horrible darkish betweens. Between Treacherous Objects explores the house between various up to date objects/concepts. … Read More