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digital technology

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Creating digital art is often an exercise to find new strategies for utilizing software. Machinima is a video artwork type exploring animation as a sculptural and conceptual framework and the result’s a combination of poetry, video game 3-D animation and moving sculpture, experiments with a brand new digital/artistic language. To create these unusual cities actionscript code searches through designated information feeds for particular phrases or phrases that represent emotive states . Then for every charged word a constructing block is placed on the display screen, two layers deep, forming a skyline of poetic text and artwork. Additionally, every of the textual content blocks contain animated, hand drawn and different multimedia content material. The finished work lets readers/users load RSS feeds from quite a lot of internet communities , and as these feeds change so to will the digital poetry city .

digital technology

It is a puzzle of unsolvable junctures, a humanistic shape created to order and organize. Six Sided Strange disrupts the cube, wandering inside/across the recombinatory playground of Rubik’s fifty six squares, exploring how pictures and designs relate to narrative. These are interactive/dynamic sculptures, temporary storylands, and all method of wonderments. Screen based digital artwork often suffers from two-dimensional limitations and lacks true interplay. These cubes pioneer the use of true 3-D interactive screen based areas. And with a complete of 12 different cubes, every section explores new ways these spaces can be artistically and poetically used, from abstract to remixing found pictures.

Dreamaphage examines the impression of a fictional illness that causes the afflicted to have one constantly reoccurring dream. The work is about societies compulsion to continually analyse the unconscious and apply medical condition semantics to something remotely resembling the abnormal. In the best phrases Digital Poems, Interactive Fictions and Digital Artworks are born from the mixture of technology and creativity, with writers/artists using all multi-media elements as important texts. Sounds, pictures, motion, video, interface/interactivity and words are combined to create new poetic/inventive and storytelling types and experiences. It just isn’t know-how making our wires, nodes and swimming knowledge streams, our ever growing networks, beautiful.

Instead it is the tales/poetics, the endlessly coalescing narratives that type the inter/intranet right into a vitally compelling mosaic. To discover, merely mouse-over/navigate to an interesting square, click and click, read, ponder connections and repeat. Sydney’s Siberia recreates how networks construct exploratory story-scapes through an interactive zooming/clicking interface. Using 121 poetic/story picture tiles, the paintings dynamically generates mosaics, infinitely recombining to build new connections/collections primarily based on the customers actions. The images/texts come from exploring Newcastle, Australia as a patchwork, a posh mix of architectural tendrils, whose stories extend to and are strained by the overshadowing behemoth of Sydney to the West. Six Sided Strange is a internet-artwork collection constructed from unsolvable Rubik’s cubes and hidden narratives, from pixilated recreation character collages to summary streams of colour and features.