Here are 4 Important Roles & Benefits of LoT for Business

The internet has indeed been present to accompany human life for a long time, it’s just that its popularity is getting higher as time goes by. Considering nowadays almost everything can be done more easily by relying on the internet. There is even a term Internet of Things that refers to the internet is everything. This is not a new thing, of course, considering the current use of the internet has penetrated into various sectors.

Recently, more and more businesses have collaborated with several cellular service providers as well as this LoT, one of them is Telkomsel. Later, because he did not want to be outdone compared to several other cellular providers, he began to issue a new breakthrough, namely by issuing this LoT-based product and many companies have started to cooperate with Telkomsel.

The Important Role of the Internet of Things For Business

Actually, the implementation of the LoT solution itself has been around for a long time, especially in some developed countries, various kinds of things have been programmed so that they are connected to the internet. Simplify the work process to its monitoring. Likewise with IoT solutions in Indonesia, which now one by one companies have also begun to look at the LoT-based system. Moreover, in the business world by relying on this LoT itself, there are many positive impacts that will later be felt, namely:

Increasing productivity, the existence of this LoT in fact also plays an important role in increasing productivity in the business world. Especially now that all controls are internet-based, without having to do it directly, the company will find it easier to know how the existing position and productivity are.

Save on operational costs, when the work is already technology-based, such as by being supported by LoT. So it is undeniable that if this will also have an impact on suppressing operational costs, it is not necessary to employ many other people. Because indeed one person can handle all the work with the help of the existing technological devices.

    Used to monitor employees and also maintain security, everything based on LoT is easier to track. Including in the online taxi industry, it will be easier to see the position of the employee, including to improve their security.

    It is easier to use to control the condition of the factory or industry that is running, because all systems are connected to the internet as one unit. So even control can be done remotely without having to come to the place directly.

The Benefits of Having the Internet of Things in Business

The internet has many uses for everyday life. Where the use of the internet for personal use is that it can facilitate communication, be able to search for various necessary data, entertainment, and can also be various other things to make daily work easier and faster. In addition to personal needs, the internet is also useful for helping businesses. This can be done with IoT or the Internet of Things. IoT is one way that can help businesses by reducing human assistance and connecting machines to machines directly using the internet network. In order to

running IoT will of course require a smooth internet network like Telkomsel which has the advantage of having a stable signal anywhere. Business using IoT is a way of business in the future that offers several benefits such as the following:

Environmental monitoring

The first benefit of IoT is being able to see the surroundings at the same time or in real time. By using the internet with a stable network like Telkomsel, it will be easier to monitor your business. This can be used from many sectors such as being able to monitor the situation in reservoirs in real time, to be able to carry out irrigation needed by farmers, and also to be able to monitor daily or monthly to be able to see the movement of the graph of the business owned.

Make more efficient

IoT can also be used for the health sector. Where the Internet of Things can meet the needs of home electronics so that it will be able to facilitate and provide benefits for many things. With the help of the internet of things, it will help to turn off the electrical equipment you have so that it will be able to make bills cheaper. In addition, you can turn on and off lights or air conditioners as needed. So that by using the Internet of Things it is possible to control electricity savings and create an integrated building.

Equipment sensors

Another benefit of IoT is that it can provide the benefits of equipment sensors. This, for example, can be used to measure equipment so that the fuel used is more efficient. Like when using IoT in mining companies, it will help to measure equipment that will run out of fuel, change oil, and also others. IoT will monitor and provide the required information.

Infrastructure management

The last benefit obtained from the Internet of Things is being able to manage infrastructure. For example, it can help to manage infrastructure such as MRT. The way it works is to be able to detect the condition of the train line so that it will make the line safer to be crossed by the MRT that will operate. IoT will also make the doorstop open and close automatically to provide the best security.