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Every time you progress your mouse and click on, you’ll be able to discover new photographs and see new relationships between the tales, to infinitely zoom by way of a webbed mosaic of photographs and poetic texts. To explore, simply mouse-­‐ over/navigate to an appealing are of an image, click and click on, read, ponder connections and repeat, an interactive zooming/clicking interface. “The Bafflement Fires” is a digital recreation of a Freemason board game from the Nineteen Fifties. Based on found paperwork, the sport, constructed by a psychologist and Mason, was an attempt to change participant’s perception through quiz and play. While it seems some of the recreation was lost/destroyed, sufficient was there for me to create a largely accurate videogame model. Cryptext, a puzzle science fiction game, the place players use giant wheels, one to every contact display screen, to resolve a cryptic X-files fashion mystery surrounding a secret navy know-how program.

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digital technology

This game attempts to re-introduce the hand-drawn, the messy and illogical into the digital, by way of a retro-game. With every major occasion, each natural catastrophe or societal change there are a multitude of visions, 1000’s lenses documenting the experiences, the victories and the challenges. Armed with cameras they captured scenes of rebuilding, of a hopeful future amidst the rubble and damage. Each of those images is a narrative, a eternally inspiring narratives, and the artwork recombines them, forming compelling mosaic combos with each exploration.

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The western world’s surroundings, perception systems, designed culture-games, create the built illusion of unpolluted traces and definitive selection, chilly slender pathways of five colours, three physique sizes and capsule philosophy. Within new media art the techno-filter extends these straight strains into exacting geometries and easy bit rates.

Creating digital artwork is commonly an exercise in finding new strategies for utilizing software program. Machinima is a video artwork form exploring animation as a sculptural and conceptual framework and the result’s a mixture of poetry, online game three-D animation and shifting sculpture, experiments with a brand new digital/artistic language. To create these unusual cities actionscript code searches via designated information feeds for particular words or phrases that represent emotive states . Then for every charged word a building block is positioned on the display, two layers deep, forming a skyline of poetic text and art. Additionally, each of the text blocks contain animated, hand drawn and other multimedia content material. The finished work lets readers/customers load RSS feeds from quite a lot of web communities , and as these feeds change so to will the digital poetry metropolis .