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The nations and the scientists of the world are referred to as upon to acknowledge the urgency of utilizing knowledge from all fields of science in a accountable method to deal with human wants and aspirations without misusing this data. We search lively collaboration throughout all the fields of scientific endeavour, that is the natural sciences such as the bodily, earth and organic sciences, the biomedical and engineering sciences, and the social and human sciences. The sciences ought to be at the service of humanity as an entire, and will contribute to providing everybody with a deeper understanding of nature and society, a better quality of life and a sustainable and healthy setting for current and future generations. Because of the direct relation between philosophy and Weltanshauung, in a society of antagonistic classes various philosophical schools relate in another way to science and to the strategies that it makes use of to reach at data. Some philosophical schools view science skeptically or even with open hostility, whereas others attempt to dissolve philosophy in science , thereby disregarding philosophy’s perform in shaping a world view. Only Marxism-Leninism offers a consistent solution to the problem of the connection between philosophy and science.

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scientific knowledge

It adopts scientific strategies and makes full use of scientific discoveries, at the same time taking into account the specific nature of the subject matter under research and the social position of philosophy. Through philosophy and the general theory of the social sciences, all science is related to ideology and politics. Whenever class antagonisms are current this relationship accounts for the category character and partiihost’ (get together-mindedness) of the social sciences, which border on philosophy, and for the essential role of the natural sciences in shaping a world view. This section offers with scientific objectivity as a type of intersubjectivity–as freedom from private biases.

The discovery of the regulation of the conservation and conversion of power by R. Helmholtz made it possible to position chemistry and all branches of physics on a typical ground.

Schleiden, demonstrated the uniform structure of all living organisms. Darwin’s evolutionary principle in biology launched the idea of improvement into pure science. I. Mendeleev proved the existence of an intrinsic relation between all recognized forms of matter. In the mid-19th century the socioeconomic, philosophical, and general scientific foundations have been laid for a scientific concept of social growth, which was created by the founders of Marxism. Marx and Engels revolutionized the social sciences and philosophy, making it possible to create a methodological base for a group of sciences dealing with society. A new stage within the history of social science began with V. I. Lenin, who developed all aspects of Marxism in a new historical period. We have come to recognize that we are in a scenario of accelerating interdependence, and that our future is intrinsically linked to the preservation of the global life-help methods and to the survival of all forms of life.